Tips to Score 140+ in SSC GD Constable with Mock Tests

By | October 23, 2018

Mock test is basically a virtual platform that makes you well – versed with the examination before the actual exam. They help students prepare for the exam in a much better way, and hence, it is important that the students preparing for competitive exams attempt them before the actual exam.

The SSC GD 2018 examwill be conducted soon and attempting mock tests for SSC GD Constable exam will be an added advantage for the aspirants as these tests are user–friendly. The mock tests of this exam are designed in a way to give aspirants a hands-on experienceof what the actual exam is all about and how the questions are asked.

In this post, we have shared some important tips that will help students score good marks in the upcoming SSC GD Constable exam with the help of mock tests.

So, read these tips now, start attempting mock tests and boost your score in the SSC GD Constable exam!

Tips to Score 140+ in SSC GD Constable with Mock Tests

Let’s have a look at some important tips that will be beneficial for you to score 140+ marks in the SSC GD Constable exam with the help of mock tests:

  • Give mock tests on a regular basis. Don’t just go on attempting tests blindly. Analyze your performance after each test. Identify your weak areas. Attempt the next test with more vigour and also try to make up for the gaps/ mistakes of the previous mock tests and then go ahead with the next.
  • Don’t take the mock test lightly and don’t attempt the tests without prior preparation. Develop a planned strategy as you do for the main examination. Attempt each test with such seriousness as you are appearing for the main exam.
  • Don’t just go on solving questions at random. Attempt questions from each section in mock test as well. This will inculcate the habit of browsing the questions and look for the easier ones. Attempt sufficient number from each section. This will help in increasing overall score leading to 140+ marks in the SSC GD Constable exam.
  • Your goal shouldn’t be finishing the maximum number of tests. Attempt one test, evaluate your performance, and look for your strengths and weaknesses. Then, first work on yourweakness and try to turn them into your strength and try attempting questions again.
  • While evaluating, keep a track of your score. There should be no consistency. An upward slope should appear each time you analyze your performance of the mock test . If this pattern doesn’t continue then look where you lack. Give sectional tests based on actual exam. Practice each section and each question while preparing.
  • The mock tests are just like the actual exam. So, the score one obtains in mock tests and the main exam usually varies only by 10 marks. If the target for the actual exam is 140+ then try to obtain the same figure or above it while giving mocks. Don’t think that you will do better in the final attempt. Tomorrow never comes. The way you perform here is the way you will perform in actual exam.
  • The mock tests cover all the topicsand sub-topics and everything is presented with a variety of questions. So, it will brush up your sectional knowledge as well and at the same time will help you identify the areas wherein you need to work.
  • These tests will also help you identify your weaker areas and the area that consumes more time. So you can be well – prepared in advance and speed up your calculations and develop a proper sequence of attempting the exam.
  • Also, go through the incorrect questions. Find out where lack. Analyze your performance chart daily. Attempt the un–attempted questions after the test with accuracy. Go through the time you took on your correct questions. Try to decrease this time in the subsequent tests.
  • Giving mock tests daily will eventually develop into a habit and you won’t be scared while appearing for the main exam. Thus, it will increase your overall accuracy and speed and also help you in increasing the overall score of the exam.
  • Solving maximum number of questions shouldn’t be your motto. Your one and only aim should be solving questions with accuracy. This is because solving 100 questions with 50% accuracy will fetch you less marks than solving 50 questions with 100% accuracy.
  • Last but not the least, keep a tab on who you are competing with. Get yourself a rank after each test. Try and compare your ranks with your competitors.

Thus, mock tests help a lot in saving time in the examination because after appearing for them, a candidate can actually judge where he / she stands and thus can improve his/ her performance after each mock test accordingly.
It can also be said as a pilot project which is executed before the implementation of the actual project, to detect the loopholes and thereby preparing for the same in advance.

So, mock tests for SSC GD Constable exam will definitely help you in the actual exam to score 140+ marks.

Start attempting mock tests now and enhance your exam preparation!

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